This disaster can't be confused with Acid Rain (Classic).


Acid Rain is a natural disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


Rains brick-melting blocks that will kill instantly. Make sure to hide undercover to avoid being dissolved. Hiding under a melted part will still protect you. You can also move your camera upwards to see where they are dropping!

Hyper Acid Rain

Brick-melting blocks now twice as big as regular.


  • Acid Rain is an easiest disaster so it has the lowest coin amount given of any disaster. Even 2nd lowest (Noobs) disaster give 85 Coins.
  • This disaster is very easy to earn "Teamwork Triumph" for newbies.
  • Real acid rain is caused by pollution and can melt stone structures.
  • Bad Time replaces Acid Rain's name in its memo.
  • Ironically, it's hard to die from Acid Rain from most players experience when they're surviving.
  • A badge about dying in this disaster was planned during the demo. It didn't make it to the actual game though.