Alexnewtron is one of seven bosses in Survive The Disasters 2.


An intense dodgeball player that launch deadly dodgeballs at players nearby, 5 times quickly every 3 seconds. Each ball deals 48 damage and destroys buildings, it's best you distance yourself away from him far as possible.


  • Each ball deals different amounts of damage depending on how many times they hit another object.
  • When hit by his ball, you will be forced to sit, and can't move anymore unless you jump.
    • If his ball hits you while you are in mid-air, you will be knocked far away.
  • It is considered by many players that this is the hardest boss to kill due to the fact he jumps very frequently.
    • Even though, it is quite easy to survive compared to other bosses.
  • Alexnewtron is a direct reference to the ROBLOX game developer Alexnewtron, who made Dodgeball! and MeepCity.
    • Alexnewtron is a friend of Vyriss'.
  • Before Version 1.25, Alexnewtron wear black shirt with Meep City Logo and jeans. Now he wear red suit and jeans.

Alexnewtron (old version)