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The Boss Time notice.

Boss Time is a period similar to Danger Modes when the players have to fight a single, harder enemy. The Boss Time alert is accompanied with a voice saying "Ladies and gentlemen, it's showtime!". Boss rounds usually last for 1 minute (3 minutes in Hardcore Mode), and will automatically end if the boss is successfully defeated. (With the exception of Hyper bosses)

The bosses only appear by themselves, unlike other enemies, which spawn in multitudes. Bosses usually have their own attacks and, as a result, are more dangerous than regular enemies. They also have more HP, which means they are harder to kill. If the players do manage to succeed in taking down the boss, however, they are able to reap great rewards.

Boss List

Boss Coins Bloxxer Award Health
Undyne 125 750 2500
Reaper 135 1200 6200
Giant Noob 140 1600 6000
Black Mage 135 1000 5400
Alexnewtron 125 600 2000
Crimson Balrog 135 700 each (total 1400) 2800
Giant Zombie 130 950 5000


  • Giant Noob has the best Bloxxer achievement at 1600 Coins, with Crimson Balrog right behind with 1400 Coins.
  • Reaper, Crimson Balrog and Giant Noob are the three bosses that have Hyper versions.
  • Boss Times seem to be more common compared to Bonus Rounds, but rarer than Danger Modes.
  • Giant Zombie, while implemented earlier, was categorized as a boss in Version 1.24.
  • If either Giant Noob or Giant Zombie are hit by a gear with the Ego Expander upgrade too much, they will disappear from the map. The timer will still count down if this happens.
  • Epic Duck is no longer a boss as of Version 1.29.
  • There's a rare chance that a boss can appear during a Mystery Disaster, it'll be the easiest to find out if there's a 60-second countdown when the disaster starts.
  • Giant Noob and Reaper were the only bosses that had health and Bloxxer changes in Survive The Disasters 4.