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Fire Breath is a 2D Disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


"Dr. Robotnik's machine; the Fire Breath comes from the skies! Fire Breath has two attacks. It can launch a fireball as it lands, and then shoots 3 explosive missiles in the sky. The flamethrower deals 60 damage. Dodge where the missiles are going to land! Touching the missile deals 35 damage, so watch out where you're jumping! Touching Fire Breath when landed will also kill you."

Hyper Fire Breath

Hyper Fire Breath gains a red tint to its body. It now fires 6 missiles instead of 3.


  • This Disaster is based off of the Angel Island Zone Act 1 boss fight in Sonic the Hedgehog 3.
  • The fireball does not go all the way to the edge. Run to the opposite side to avoid it.
  • Using a Speed Coil or Fusion Coil is a good idea to survive this Disaster. If the missile is close to you and you don't have it, you could be killed instantly.
  • Prior to an unknown update, Fire Breath used to give 140 coins.
  • In the "Survive The Disasters 3" update, its Hyper acted the way it did in Vyriss's deleted video, "125 DAYS". It would launch a lot of missiles at once, and didn't stop launching until it was in the middle of the game flying.
    • It was possible to survive, as the missiles never touched the ground and exploded.
  • In the beta version, the Act 1 boss music from Sonic & Knuckles was used as well.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4, the Disaster warning was renamed to “flame breather“.
  • The flamethrower formerly instant kill, but it was later changed.