The Gamepass Shop is a Shop where you can buy Gamepass items. They are usually better than the original versions found in the Gear Shop. Here, you can buy stuff like exclusive items and Coins.

All of the items in the Gamepass Shop cost Robux.

Information on the Gamepass Items

Items Robux Required Description
2,500 Coins 18 R$ Gives you 2,500 coins.
5,000 Coins 36 R$ Gives you 5,000 coins.
13,750 Coins 90 R$ Gives you 13,750 coins.
30,000 Coins 180 R$ Gives you 30,000 coins.
Double Coins 375 R$ Doubles survival awards(coins).Does not double other awards or EXP.
VIP Pass 80 R$ Spawn with Gravity Coil, Speed Coil, and Black Ninja Stars.
Super VIP Pass 200 R$ Spawn with Gravity Coil, Pizza, Epic Katana, Rocket Launcher, and Lightning Staff.
Silver Ninja Stars Pass 15 R$ Unlock Sliver Ninja Stars in the Gear Shop.
Fusion Coil Pass 60 R$ Spawn with the Fusion Coil in the Gear Shop.
Game Master Sword Pass 240 R$ Spawn with the Game Master Sword.

Version History

  1. Final Demo: Gamepass Shop demonstration was added. (All transactions made in the demo were only 1 Robux.)
  2. Game release: Prices were added correctly.