Guest Ambush is an enemy disaster in Survive The Disasters 1 and Survive The Disasters 2.


Guests! They're not your everyday Guest, they just want to make friends. So they try to hug you... with 8 damage.


Guests will spawn more common than other enemy disasters, while doing an quite low damage.

Guest 666

There is an extremely rare chance to spawn Guest 666, Guest 666 may spawn during the round. It is similar to the average Guest, but has a red head, is extremely fast, and can instantly kill a player if they are not careful. It is also immune to gear such as the Rotten Cheezburger. It is killable, but this requires some effort and teamwork. Remember, Guest 666 is still alive even when the round has ended.


  • This disaster is based off of the now deprecated Guests, which were an alternative to making an account on ROBLOX. They were removed in late 2017, to increase 'real' players. See more here.
  • Guest 666 is based of certain creepypastas and rumors on the Internet.
  • In Survive The Disasters 1, Guests have custom spawns.
  • Even though the memo said guests deal 8 damage, they actually deal 9.
  • Guest 666 is the most unfair enemy in this game. There are some tips for you when you meet him:
    • Try to jump with Gravity Coil or Fusion Coil because it's moving speed is very fast and you can confuse him when you are jumping.
    • If you have Lightning Staff, keep shooting him with it, otherwise use your best weapon to kill him.
    • NEVER kill him with melee weapons because it is dangerous. He will insta-kill you.
    • Try to finish him as fast as possible because the longer he's alive, the more annoy for you to survive.
    • It is wise to attack him during intermissions.
    • It will NEVER despawn even during stage changes, so kill him before any more chaos arises.