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Noobs is a enemy disaster in Survive The Disasters 2. It also appears in Survive The Disasters.


The easiest disaster.


Noobs are humanoids with yellow body, blue shirt and green pants, they don't have any acessory. Noobs come from the NPC spawns in the map attacking players, each hit deals 14 damage.

Hyper Noobs

Hyper Noobs move twice as fast, but still deal 14 damage.


  • Noobs is said to be the easiest disaster in its memo, but it is still common not to see Teamwork Triumph as people keep trying to run away.
  • Noobs was one of the disasters that has not changed in the sequel (another of which is Death Trampoline).
  • On April Fools, All noobs that come from an enemy spawn changed to Giant Noobs.
  • Noobs seem to be a running joke and the superior type of disaster in the game, as there are multiple variants of Noobs: This, Coil Noobs, Explosive Noobs, Rocket Noobs, Tiny Noobs, Giant Noob and there used to be a disaster titled "Ninja Noobs".
Halloween Noob

A noob in v.1.23. (Halloween)

  • In previous versions, noobs were colored, but on the newest versions, they have just three standart colors (yellow, blue and green).
  • When the noob is killed, an "Oof" sound is played.
  • In Version 1.23, Noobs wore pumpkins on their heads.
  • In Version 1.25, Noobs wore Santa hats on their heads.
  • In Survive The Disasters 3, Giant Noobs spawned instead.