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Ranks are a Mechanic in Survive The Disasters 2.

STD2 Ranks



Ranks, from lowest to highest, as well as Skill Ranks.

Ranks are used to determine a player's level of experience in the game.

There are 16 different Ranks (including all S Ranks): F through A, and S-S10.

Players can gain EXP from surviving Disasters, and once you have gained enough, you will earn the Achievement Ranked Up, and will be able to access new things in the Gear Shop that you couldn't before.

Players are also allowed to access Hardcore mode after reaching S rank. However, it is currently in development, and so it is currently unavailable. Players are also allowed to access Pacifist mode after reaching C rank.

Required Experience

Playerlist v2

The leaderboard, showing the players' Ranks and skill ranks.

Rank F to Rank S10 Experience required
Rank F - Rank E 1,000 EXP
Rank E - Rank D 4,000 EXP
Rank D - Rank C 14,000 EXP
Rank C - Rank B 42,000 EXP
Rank B - Rank A 100,000 EXP
Rank A - Rank S 200,000 EXP
Rank S - Rank S2 200,000 EXP
Rank S2 - Rank S3 200,000 EXP
Rank S3 - Rank S4 200,000 EXP
Rank S4 - Rank S5 200,000 EXP
Rank S5 - Rank S6 200,000 EXP
Rank S6 - Rank S7 200,000 EXP
Rank S7 - Rank S8 200,000 EXP
Rank S8 - Rank S9 200,000 EXP
Rank S9 - Rank S10 200,000 EXP

Skill Ranks

Skill Ranks were added to Survive the Disasters 2 in Version 1.29.

Skill Ranks are used to determine the skill of a player. All players begin at Bronze Rank, then make their way up through Silver, Gold, Platinum, and finally Diamond. Skill Ranks determine your MVP reward multiplier, Memo Card coin bonus and your max MVP reward. Prior to v1.29, Memo Coin rewards were a flat 200 coins, and the MVP Coin reward was your streak multiplied by 2 (up to a maximum of 100).

The Skill Rank system is rather confusing, as said by Vyriss herself in this tweet. The game saves your ten best Coin payouts, and uses this as a counter for your Skill Rank called your Skill Rating. Those payouts are then divided by either 40 or 80; 80 if it is from a Survival Streak, or 40 if it is not. The results are then added together, and give you a Skill Rank based on that value. When you die, the lowest of those 10 values is set to 0 if that value isn't 0, potentially reducing the value enough to put you below the payout requirement, and therefore lowering the rank.

Shortly after the release of v1.29, Memo rewards were buffed and MVP reward multipliers were nerfed.

When v1.30 was released, your Skill Rating is now visible in the Achievements & Stats section of the menu. The Skill Ratings were also tweaked slightly.

Skill Rank Skill Rating Requirement MVP Reward Multiplier

(streak * [x])

Memo Card Reward (Coins) Maximum MVP Reward

(at > 50 streak)

Bronze N/A x 0.6 75 30
Silver 40 x 1.2 150 60
Gold 140 x 1.8 225 90
Platinum 340 x 2.4 300 120
Diamond 940 x 3 375 150


Error / Null Rank

RobloxScreenShot03152017 144536204

The Null Rank glitch.

If the player survives for the first time on the server or spins the Orb Gachapon, their coins and your survivals will come back. You cannot see some achievements and stats, and you cannot buy anything if you scroll the Gear Shop. This glitch has very a low chance of occurring.

Achievements that are nullified include

  • Last Survivor. (Last One Standing.)
  • Best Streak. (MVP.)
  • Enemy EXP Hunted. (Bloxxer.)

You will also see that the EXP Bar is empty. The game says you that you have 600 EXP, but you cannot gain EXP and will not progress.

This tends to occur more often on low-end devices.

It is still possible to collect Coins.

Infinite EXP Error

RobloxScreenShot04012017 125257646

The Infinite EXP Error glitch.

This bug has been patched as of Version 1.265, and so it no longer occurs.

Normally, when you reach Rank S10, you are unable to gain more EXP as this is the highest Rank.

In the Achievements & Stats area of the Menu, the EXP bar displays that the player is F Rank, even though the player is Rank S10.

The player was still able to gain EXP, even though they are maxed out at Rank S10 (X).

Mysterious "Critical Rank Bug"

On January 18, 2018, Survive the Disasters 2 was temporarily closed to the public and renamed "READ DESC!". By reading the description of the game, players found a quote from Vyriss.

A critical bug has been found that effects[sic] your rank. This will be fixed very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.
The game was later patched and reopened the following day, fixing the bug. What the bug was is unknown.

Version History

  1. Demo: Ranks were added.
  2. Demo: Rank graphics were changed.
  3. Release: Rank EXP was added.
  4. 1.13: Nine extra levels for Rank S (S2-S10) were added.
  5. 1.15: EXP requirements were reduced by 20%. (Ranks A-S1 were 320K.)
  6. 1.16: EXP requirements were reduced even further. (Ranks A-S1 were 270K.)
  7. 1.20: EXP requirements were greatly reduced. (Ranks A-S1 are now 200K.)
  8. 1.29: 5 types of skill ranks were added.
  9. 1.30: Skill rank skill rating requirements changed slightly:
    • Silver from 60 to 40
    • Gold unchanged
    • Platinum from 300 to 340
    • Diamond from 1000 to 940